Thoughts Feelings and Emotions

This blog is about mind, body, and the beautiful connection it has with each other

It is said that behind a thought we have emotions behind it, which may be positive or negative.

Positive or negative emotions are based on our association with these thoughts.  If the association is good, it is a positive emotion and if they are bad then it is a negative emotion.

For example, say, I had gone to Switzerland and had a fantastic experience, an experience I cherish and whenever I THINK of that trip brings smile on my face, it is a positive emotion.

Now say, Robert too went to Switzerland but experienced a fracture, resulting in bed rest, and the whole trip went for a toss. They ended up spending more money and in fact, the family just ended up spending the whole vacation sitting in hotel cribbing, whining and feeling sorry for what has happened.

Now when he THINKS of Switzerland , it brings lot of frustration and anger and feels that in fact he would never even think of Switzerland again, in fact, forget Switzerland, he would never go for vacation.

Now we see that the thought of vacation in Switzerland is same but because of the different associations we have with this thought, we have different emotions which are positive and negative.

Now if he is able to let go these intense feelings with this trip he will be able to go for next trip and possibly enjoy it too.

But if he has picked up some fear or anger which are stored in his mind and even possibly in body( these undigested emotions get stored in the body ), he might go but not enjoy ( and doesn’t understand why), he might resist going ( wonder why every time I plan, the trip is not happening ), hate going to vacations and trips which might be creating a problem in his professional growth and personal life too.

Now in therapeutic sessions, he learns to let go of these undigested emotions which are still lingering in his mind and probably in body too.

Once he is able to have peace with his emotions, he might be able to cognitively  be able to take a decision more freer than with a lingering fear at the back of his head.


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