Holistic Healing for Cancer


This Article is about a holistic healing for cancer patients and caregivers

Topics  Covered

 Cancer Word

  1. Common Emotions faced
  2. Why Me
  3. Karma Or Past Choices in life and lifetimes
  4. How Healing and Counselling sessions can help
  5. Ideal Outcome after sessions
  6. Compliment Medical Treatment
  7. Conclusion


  1. The Effect of the word CANCER

The word Cancer brings lot of emotions for many of us.

Many of us might have had at least one member who has gone through or going through this phase in our family, immediate family or friends.

The disturbance starts the moment the possibility of having the cancer is mentioned by the medical professional.

The thought of what if it is, what if it is not, hoping that it is not, going through all the tests to confirm, which might take few weeks to a few months, can be an extremely stressful period.

Finally, if it gets diagnosed as cancer, it still can have immense effect on the overall mental and emotional health of the person and his caregivers.

Cancer can trouble the person emotionally, financially for not only the person but his caregiver and families too.

 Common Feelings

Some of the common feelings that the person might experience include Anxiety, Distress, and Depression, feeling lost, guilty, uncertainty of future. The most profound question can be WHY Me? What have I done to have this?

  1. Why Me

The person might start reflecting and feeling as to why this has happened to him. Did he do something in the past to bring this misfortune on him?

He starts to relate to his past and if there is anything that has happened in the past which has troubled him, he might think that because of my wrong deeds in past, I am paying today like this.

The so called wrong deeds of the past might actually be very minute in the world’s eyes or they actually might have forgotten too. But because the person might still be holding on to the pain of the past/grudge of the past/hurt of the past which he  automatically translates it into why he is going through this.


  1. Karma Or Past Choices in life and lifetimes


Now whatever name we give it 1.e., past karma or past actions or past choices. The thought whether the past has come today on the person to affect him this way, and he has pay for his deeds etc can trouble the person immensely.

What I have understood in my journey is, whatever past is, is the past and no matter what it is , we have no power to change the past.

What we can do is to take stock of the situation, see what it is bringing up for the person emotionally, what is it making him feel?

All the story of the past is in the person’s head and it can be cleared and cleaned and changed it into positive energy at the energetic level.

And if this past emotional experience is stuck in this body, it can be helped to a certain extent too.

If and when the person is able to clear his thought process, he is able to let go of the past. If the event no longer has any hold on him, does not bring any emotional disturbance in him, this creates lot of ease in his life. It is easier for the person to continue the treatment with more hope and lightness.


  1. How Healing and Counselling Sessions can help
  • A holistic approach with emotional wellness and energy healing can help the person and his family get back to normalcy in a comparative lesser time.
  • When healing and counselling sessions are made a part and parcel of the overall healing process with cancer, it helps them holistically in their life.
  • The emotions and feelings like Anxiety, Depression, Distress, Uncertainty with future, Hopelessness, Helplessness, Rage, Fury, Guilt, Shame can be helped with. Also the person can be taught how to self-care to be the best in the given situation.
  • It helps the person and his family sail through this difficult period with radiation, chemotherapy and other related treatments.
  • As an energy healer, I know that taking care of emotions, letting it express in a safe manner is extremely important for the patient (of course it is true for each and every one of us also).
  1. Ideal Outcome of the Healing and Counselling sessions
  • The person, caregiver and family is more equipped to handle situations in a better manner.
  • Instead of being the emotional upheaval these techniques help their body and mind to come out of it in the quickest possible manner.
  • The person and family is more equipped to see possibilities and opportunities which can help them in the given situation.
  • Healing is not just for mind and body, the mental blocks which does not let the person see the next steps, gets more clear to him.
  • The self-talk of the person is the energy he is giving to his body too. When he learn these techniques it empowers him to be aware of his thought process and is able to take steps ASAP.
  • When the person is more emotionally stable and happy, the body has a better chance to recover and in an easier manner.

Body our bestie

Body is like a small child, ready to be hugged and acknowledged the beauty it is. Whereas we continuously judge it by the way it looks, the color, the height, weight, the minutest detail of it.

Few Tips and Tricks to help the body and mind

  1. Hug the body, give the love to the body as you think the world should give. It’s the best friend and the vehicle which we have chosen to come on this Planet earth.
  2. It is our responsibility too to acknowledge this amazing body we have and understand that we have chosen this body and its attributes to experience something at the soul level and when we are negating it, we are dis-honouring it.
  3. Any aspect you think you don’t like, just say, I am sorry, please forgive me for not able to see the beauty you are.
  4. Be more aware with your body. Do what the body is asking you to eat, drink and not the tongue( I remember just giving a chocolate to dad to be swirled in mouth for the taste of it)it will take time to get into this aspect of understanding, but you can still start this, as somewhere we can start.
  5. The body might ache and pain with the treatment, still thank the body, as otherwise we are self- abusing the body, and if someone abuses our bodies, we feel bad. So the bottom line, love your body the way you want it to be appreciated and loved by the world.
  6. Make it your buddy, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover any relation that you wish to and honor and acknowledge the place it deserves.
  7. One of the easiest way to clear these emotions is to get present with the emotions that the incident, person or situation brings up for him.


Conclusion: Healing and Counselling sessions compliments the medical treatment for the person to recover faster, better and in a more holistic way.

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